Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2010

Variable coh_cncl: City of Houston Council Districts

Descriptive Text

The City of Houston has 16 City Council Members. Eleven of these members are elected based on defined areas within the city. Spatial files that are available through the City of Houston Planning and Development Department were used to assign one of the 11 area-based council districts to respondents based on the Census block group (TIGER/Line file tl_2009_48_bg00) of their resident street address. For more information on Tiger/line Shapefiles, please see the Census Bureau website at and the Texas State Data Center at

Values Categories N NW
A City Council District A 372 238,787.4
B City Council District B 361 260,950.6
C City Council District C 367 179,587.0
D City Council District D 340 181,400.4
E City Council District E 350 198,754.3
F City Council District F 443 192,377.2
G City Council District G 275 147,456.6
H City Council District H 237 184,747.4
I City Council District I 311 191,772.6
J City Council District J 319 185,579.0
K City Council District K 326 170,109.8
Z NIU - Outside City of Houston 2793 1,954,366.8

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 3701 2131522.185
Missing cases 2793 1954366.815
This variable is alphanumeric


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