Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2010

Variable qnr2_a: Current smoking pattern [S]

Literal Question

R2. Do you now smoke cigarettes every day, some days, or not at all?

Descriptive Text

The universe for this variable includes all adult respondents age 18 and older who have ever smoked 100 cigarettes or more.

Values Categories N NW
1 Every day 485 314,096.5
2 Some days 230 171,666.3
3 Not at all 1088 576,014.4
9 DK/Ref 21 15,680.6
0 NIU - child, adult non-smoker based on question R1 4670 3,008,431.2

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1824 1077457.821
Missing cases 4670 3008431.179
This variable is numeric


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