Jeu de données: The Health of Houston Survey 2018 Post-Harvey

Variable pd2: Car damage among those with cars [S]

Question littérale

PD2. What degree of flood damage did any vehicles you own or lease experience?

Texte descriptif

The universe for this variable includes all adult respondents age 18 and older who owned or rented a vehicle before Harvey. Question asked only to respondents in the post-Harvey sample. NOTE: Any tabulations or analysis including this variable need to be performed using post-Harvey weight (Fnlwgt_post).

Valeurs Catégories N NP
1 No flood damage to your vehicle 1885 1 999 848,9
2 Minor flood damage 205 258 639,7
3 Significant flood damage 54 61 507,9
4 Vehicle was totaled due to flood damage 219 258 634,1
-8 Not in universe 622 748 841,1

Statistiques sommaires

Cas valides 2363 2578630.658
Cas manquants 622 748841.087
Écart type 0.919 0.947
Cette variable est numérique


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