Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2010

Variable brsfd_ev: Ever breastfeed

Literal Question

This variable was created from responses to the question: R17. How long did you breastfeed (your last baby)?

Descriptive Text

The variable was recoded by collapsing categories of specific lengths of time for breastfeeding into Yes or No for ever breastfeeding. The universe for this variable includes all female respondents age 18 and older who have given birth in the past 5 years. This question was not asked in the mail survey.

Values Categories N NW
1 Yes 328 196,830.8
2 No 57 44,480.4
0 NIU - no birth in last five years 6109 3,844,577.8

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 385 241311.17
Missing cases 6109 3844577.83
This variable is numeric


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