Jeu de données: The Health of Houston Survey 2018

Variable unin_dyr_ad: Uninsured for at least part of last year, adults [S]

Question littérale

The variable was created from multiple survey questions, specifically AHI_1 (01-05), AHI_1mo, AHI_8, AHI_9.

Texte descriptif

The uninsured for at least part of last year variable was created from individuals who reported being uninsured in AHI_1 and AHI_8, as well as those who reported being insured in AHI_1 and were asked "During the past 12 months, was there any time when you had no health insurance at all?" (AHI_9). The universe for this variable includes all adults age 18 and older.

Valeurs Catégories N NP
1 Uninsured for at least part of last year 1431 1 101 007,1
2 Insured for all 12 months last year 4263 2 226 464,7
-9 Don't Know/Refused 0 0,0
-8 Not in Universe 1516 1 268 569,6
-7 Suspended 0 0,0

Statistiques sommaires

Cas valides 5694 3327471.745
Cas manquants 1516 1268569.574
Écart type 0.434 0.471
Cette variable est numérique


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