Jeu de données: The Health of Houston Survey 2018

Variable chdencov: Dental insurance coverage, child

Question littérale

CHI_6. Is this child covered for dental care?

Texte descriptif

The child dental insurance variable answers whether the selected child has dental insurance. The universe for this variable includes all children age 0 to 17. In 2018 we asked: Is this child covered for dental care? This question differed slightly from our question in 2010: Do you now have any type of insurance that pays for part or all of (CHILD's) dental care?

Valeurs Catégories N NP
0 No 218 174 940,6
1 Yes 1288 1 086 796,3
-8 Not in universe 5694 3 327 471,7
-7 Interview suspended 10 6 832,7

Statistiques sommaires

Cas valides 1506 1261736.893
Cas manquants 5704 3334304.426
Écart type 0.352 0.346
Cette variable est numérique


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