Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2018

Variable pap_rep: Cervical cancer screening [C]

Literal Question

The variable was recoded from question PS_3.

Descriptive Text

The variable is calculated to show the percentage of respondents who comply with US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations to have a pap smear in the past three years. This variable is restricted to women ages 21-65 to match the age range for the Healthy People 2020 goal. Variable pap_rep does not match PS_3. Ever had a pap test because PS_3. Ever had a pap test includes respondents outside the CDC age guidelines for screening and outside the recommended time limit of three years.

Values Categories N NW
1 Not meeting recommendations 410 234,389.4
2 Meets recommendations 1983 1,148,422.9
-8 Not in universe 4817 3,213,229.0

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 2393 1382812.313
Missing cases 4817 3213229.007
Standard deviation 0.377 0.375
This variable is numeric


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