Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2018

Variable unin_dur_ch: Time without insurance, child [S]

Literal Question

CHI_4. For how long has this child been uninsured?

Descriptive Text

Among those children who were uninsured respondents were asked how long they had been uninsured. Answers were collapsed into the same category groups that were used in 2010. The universe for this variable includes children age 0 to 17 who did not currently have health insurance. In 2018 we asked: For how long has this child been uninsured? This differed from the question in 2010 which was: How long has it been since (CHILD) last had health insurance?

Values Categories N NW
1 Less than 12 months 58 61,952.3
2 12 months to 2 years 39 30,315.0
3 More than 2 years 22 16,939.2
4 Never had insurance 52 48,605.8
-8 Not in universe 7030 4,431,727.0
-7 Interview suspended 9 6,502.0

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 171 157812.321
Missing cases 7039 4438228.998
Standard deviation 1.239 1.274
This variable is numeric


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