Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2018

Variable fplcat4: FPL 4 categories [C]

Literal Question

To construct the FPL variable, the following input variables were used: total household income ('INC_2'), total people supported by household income ('INC_3'), and number of children supported by the household income ('INC_4A OR INC_4B'). In instances where INC_3 had no data, the total number of adults in the household from the screener was used.

Descriptive Text

The federal poverty level (FPL) variable is based on the Census Bureau poverty thresholds for 2018 by size of family and number of related children under 18 years. The universe for this variable includes adult respondents and children.

Values Categories N NW
1 Less than 100% FPL 1287 946,954.7
2 100% to 199% FPL 1396 1,026,604.4
3 200% to 299% FPL 1002 687,948.4
4 300% or greater FPL 3525 1,934,533.8

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 7210 4596041.319
Missing cases 0 0.0
Standard deviation 1.18 1.193
This variable is numeric


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