Dataset: The Health of Houston Survey 2018

Variable csweetcat: Child sweetened drinks, per day

Literal Question

CHC_18. Yesterday, how many glasses or cans of other sweetened drinks, such as Kool-Aid, fruit punch, or sports drinks did this child drink? Do not count diet drinks.

Descriptive Text

Categories were created using responses to question CHC_18. The universe for this variable includes children age 0 to 17.

Values Categories N NW
1 No sweetened drinks 821 679,770.5
2 One sweetened drink 356 288,282.4
3 Two or more 296 261,882.1
-8 Not in universe 5694 3,327,471.7
-7 Interview suspended 43 38,634.7

Summary Statistics

Valid cases 1473 1229934.918
Missing cases 5737 3366106.402
Standard deviation 0.795 0.806
This variable is numeric


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